Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Education Sector: Group and Individual Projects

This word cloud represents word use frequency among all the group-written text in our "Education Sector" Google Site. The larger the word, the more times that word appears in the written text. Rather than read through 20 pages of text, this image allows much faster interpretation of the trends and insights contained within the Site.

Click on the word cloud to travel to the IS714 "Education Sector" Google Site, containing both our group and individual project work.

Additional goals of the Google Site:

  • Share our project interactively with our professors and classmates: All pages are readable and may be commented on by visitors.
  • Allow our work to be revised easily over time: As we make new discoveries in different areas of the education sector, this site allows us to go back and build those discoveries across different boundaries of the project (via linking, etc).
  • Reflect the nature of our sector: online collaboration tools are a critical area of development for education, and we set out to experience this firsthand through the use of a Google Site.

This Google Site is also optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

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  1. Very well done! This is indeed very dynamic and exciting space.


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