Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to Fall 2011 IS714 Blog

Welcome to IS714 course blog.  We invite you to participate, collaborate and co-create. 

Our objective is to use this blog as a supplement to our class meetings because our learning does not begin and end when we meet during the weekly allocated hours.  

John Henderson and I believe that we should collectively use this blog as a basis to bring new ideas to our collective attention, to explore some ideas in further depth as well as elucidate connections among concepts within this course as well as other courses that you may have taken.  In short, use this to get your voice heard, amplify points made by your fellow students as well as faculty members. 

Finally, this is an open, public blog. So, be professional, courteous and focused.  

Invite your friends or professional colleagues to visit and participate.   We look forward to a productive and insightful exchange of ideas in the coming months.