Digital Media

Team Members, and the company chosen in the digital media sector:

Derek Evenson, Comcast
Abram Guerra, Warner Bros.
Erica Hansen, CBS Entertainment
Joanna Huh, Amazon
Joel Samen, Netflix


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    Interesting turn of events for Netflix today, as they abandon the Qwikster experiment before it even began. I wonder if Reed Hastings finally realized that his vision of streaming only is not quite where it needs to be to make such a bold move.

    As a loyal Netflix subscriber on a fixed budget, I quickly converted my streaming/DVD service to streaming-only, and I have to say I've been very disappointed in the movie selection at the current time. It is apparent that I'm not the only one, as the current mood of Netflix subscribers has turned from great to sour to pure anger towards the company in a matter of months. All while Amazon continues to expand its streaming service. Not the best time to rock the boat, maybe Hastings has come to his senses after all. But is it too late?