Monday, October 31, 2011

MobiUs is Here; the World of Web Apps Will Never Be the Same

(image taken from mobiUs website here)

at least that's what Enhanced Online News (EON) claim!

(EON: Enhanced Online News) and appMobi ( today announced the immediate availability of MobiUs, the first-of-its-kind mobile Web App Browser developed specifically to run apps written in HTML5. MobiUs is a new mobile revolutionary browser that, as the site claims, for the first time powers Web apps and even websites with the exact same capabilities as native apps from the app stores. MobiUs works either as a standalone mobile browser, or it can power Web apps and websites with full native app functionality from a person’s favorite mobile browser, such as the Safari browser for iPhone. MobiUs for iOS is available in the Apple App Store as a free app.

Until now, Web apps and websites have had limited capabilities, technically incapable of utilizing the great features that made smartphones so popular: gravity sensing, accelerometer, GPS, camera, sound and vibration, file system, and more. MobiUs integrates powerful APIs from PhoneGap and appMobi to give Web apps the same performance, look and feel as native apps. HTML5 Offline Caching lets MobiUs run Web apps even when network connectivity is unavailable. Once a Web app is bookmarked in MobiUs, the app is stored on the smartphone, so it loads instantly and can run with or without Internet connectivity, just like a native app.

Key features of MobiUs include:

  • Mobile-optimized Web app caching for instant access to Web apps even when the device isn’t connected
  • DirectCanvas for supercharged game speed and performance
  • Web-based Push notifications for user engagement
  • Built-in eCommerce capability through appMobi’s 1Touch digital wallet technology
  • Mobile-optimized tabbed browsing
  • Full screen browsing
  • Orientation locking
  • In-app access to device hardware functionalities such as the accelerometer, GPS, compass, vibration, microphone, camera and more
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