Monday, October 31, 2011

Microsoft Health Solutions Group

Bio-Informatics Industry
Bio-Informatics industry has a very broad definition. While it can be associated with the IT infrastructure and applications for the entire healthcare value chain from drug discovery to delivery and efficacy analysis and management, Bio-Informatics has also been increasingly associated with projects like the Genomics. At its broadest, bioinformatics is the application of information technologies and sciences to the organization, management, mining and use of life-sciences information. (Rasmussen, March 2005).Bio-Informatics can be seen as an enabler to all levels of the healthcare value chain starting from Lifesciences, pharmaceuticals to providers.
Microsoft Health Solutions
Microsoft Health Solutions looks provides digital solutions across three major healthcare areas

  • Chronic Condition Management : Microsoft technologies help you streamline patient outreach programs, providing more focused care while more effectively managing costs and resources.
  • Microsoft Amalga : Advancing understanding of your organization's performance drivers.
Microsoft Amalga
Amalga HIS is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated hospital information system which provides rich integration among a hospital’s front- and back-office modules, giving clinicians and administrators access to information within and across departments.
The major goal of Amalga is to connect information from different sources within a Hospital. It helps view data as patient centric than source centric (like financial data, clinical data, etc). With a patient centric data management, the patient can interface with Amalga through Microsoft Health Vault. It provides a more holistic view the patient data and also provides for tracking the patients history.
Microsoft Amalga : Firms in the network
Since Amalga delves into the different facets of healthcare delivery management through an IT offering, Microsoft HSG has had to built relationships with a wide variety of companies. This includes Hospitals (for early adoption), IT Vendors( For developing different modules of the Application Suite) and also Bio-pharma (who use Amalga for clinical trial management and drug efficacy monitoring).

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