Thursday, November 3, 2011

Connections in the Digital Media and Entertainment Industry

The Media and Entertainment Industry is heavily involved in strategic partners and it is clear from the network diagram that even after paring down partners it is quite congested. There are many partnerships and rivalries throughout the industry, and the role of relationships is constantly changing as the utilization of content continues to shift.

By reviewing the connections between our key network partners, it is clear to see where strategic partnerships could play into strategy in the future. For example, both Netflix and Amazon count on many of the same content providers for their streaming services. If either company were to sign exclusive contracts with those content providers, it would detract from the streaming offerings of the other. Therefore, the evolution of partnerships is something important to keep an eye on in the future.

As we continue to examine the existing partnerships between companies and the potential for new partnerships, we expect to see many opportunities for raising the stakes in the value of content to be streamed online, as revenue continues to grow for digital entertainment and the streaming companies fight for viewers, holding content in its role as king.

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