Sunday, October 30, 2011

Company Overview - Allscripts

Allscripts is a leading provider of practice management (PM) and electronic medical record (EMR) technologies. The company has been growing, with $704.5M in revenue during 2010[i], which was an increase of 28.5% since 2009. The company is the largest EMR provider in terms of number of physicians, with 180,000 physicians using an Allscripts product[ii].

The company leads in market share across acute, ambulatory and post-acute medical services, with a breadth of product offerings for many organizations ranging from large medical centers to private practices. These products include[iii]:

· Enterprise EMR and PM

o The Enterprise suite is a clinical software solution for large hospital systems and academic medical centers. The EMR is specifically designed to improve physician productivity using tablets, handheld devices or desktop workstations. The PM streamlines the administrative capabilities or the organization.

· Professional EMR and PM

o The Professional suite is similar to the Enterprise offering, however, it is targeted towards small to mid-sized physician groups

· Allscripts MyWay

o This product allows small physician groups to choose from a variety of hosted services in order to use just the services that are most beneficial to their practice.

· Allscripts Remote

o This makes information from the EHR available on any mobile device while preserving privacy and security.

· Allscripts Document Management

o The Document Management service bridges the gap for technology adoption by scanning and filling previously used hard copies.

· Allscripts Patient Kiosk

o This is the first kiosk developed by an EMR vendor intended for patient use.

In developing and distributing these products, Allscripts has entered strategic alliances with several companies, in particular Intuit, Cisco, Henry Schein and Cardinal Health. The network diagram above shows some of these important relationships.

Allscripts has striven to be an innovative company. The open architecture has allowed third-party applications to be developed for specialty areas of care. They seek to build a platform that is flexible and allows for integrated solutions for a variety of settings. In addition, they use their customers as a collaborative community to get feedback to guide development of future solutions. With a history of successful implementations across the US and a culture of innovation, Allscripts is set up to maintain their status as a leading EMR vendor.

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