Friday, October 28, 2011

Google TV Updates

I was reading about the Google TV updates and the discussions are squarely at the center of what we have been examining in our course.   It is about platforms and apps. It is about rethinking the TV architecture and not look at simply overlaying search on the existing architecture but to form linkages with chipset manufacturers to evolve TV from a standalone consumer electronics device to one that is at its core, a computer (just as the discussions we had on the automotive sector).  It is about thinking Android as the OS for TV (just as Apple iOS driving Apple TV).
It will be interesting to see what they do with Google +
Look forward to your thoughts and discussions..

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  1. The battle for TV is certainly on. With the technology bigwigs vying for a space in the market for TVs, looks like the consumer electronic companies will have no choice but to get into the race of Android vs iOS vs Windows just like the mobile phone makers. Nevertheless, as consumers we must be certainly be excited..whether it is Siri surfing channels for us, XBox console acting as a TV control or watching youtube channels on TV...the future has a lot in store for us..,-Google,-and-Microsoft-in-fight-for-TV/