Thursday, September 22, 2011

Innovation speaks louder than words !

Not long ago were reports of Android and Mango eating into Apple in the years to come. However, Apple's innovation never seems to take the nap and let others take the lead. Defining the future of Digital computing by introducing iPads, Apple proved to the market, It can sell anything and everything to the market. Well, also to be accepted is the fact that Apple knows when and how to sell things. The Jobs power is now gone, yet the impact that he has created will definitely take ages to die down. It looks like iPad-2 has resurrected iOS's future in a sense. Complementing this steady march is the fact that the competition has been lacking direction. Google seems to have lost track with being way too "open". Microsoft seems to think, It's deal with Nokia (which by itself is bleeding) will get it's Mango (wonder what was the motive behind this name) to ripen its position in the market. HP seems to be confused on who should be it's leader to redefine itself in the digital space.. (Meg Whitman from eBay ? Really ? you got to be kidding me)...The setting seems to be perfect for Tim cook to get into the groove and ensure he get's the Job's mantra right in the mean time.

Anyone out there to stop the Apple juggernaut ? Anyone out there to get Apple to sell it's products at reasonable prices ? Antitrust cannot be an answer to everything...Come on someone..let your innovation do the talking...

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