Monday, December 12, 2011

Allscripts Capabilities

Above are a few slides about capabilities at Allscripts. Allscripts is currently the largest provider of practice management and electronic medical record technologies with over 180,000 providers on their platform. They have a reputation for being innovative in their design of offering integrates solutions for clinical, financial and administrative functions.

In order to remain competitive, I think that Allscripts needs to expand their customer base to include smaller hospitals and private practices. To do this, they will need to embrace modularity and customer flexibility, allowing customers to choose just the services they want, rather than the entire EMR system. Giving customers a pay-as-you-go model will allow organizations to use Allscripts without the large capital investment that is currently necessary.

I also think that Allscripts should push the edge out to the patient. Currently Allscripts views healthcare providers as their customers, but value can be added by bringing the healthcare platform to the patient. Legislation and trends in the industry are demanding a more patient-centric approach. This doesn't just mean hospitals; it means IT companies too.

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