Saturday, December 10, 2011

What if cars drive themselves !

"Moore's Law, first predicted in the 1970’s, talks about the long-term exponential growth of technology. It states that the performance of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) consistently doubles every 2 years. This means that by the year 2030, the average mass-market computer chip will be 1024 times more powerful than the average computer chip in 2010. It also means that a single computer chip will be able to do more computations per second than the human brain itself." Sounds frightening but is very much a possibility. Though there could be the "Matrix effect" or other implications, this also means that you can let chips drive your car and not break your head on traffic chaos, believes the Japanese students working on the Autonomy concept.

The Japanese believe that it could reduce traffic congestion. Though a distant 20 years into the future, the concept of cars using sensors to maintain traffic discipline instead of relying on drivers could perhaps lead to better traffic management.

Interesting..but is it possible ? "Nothing is impossible" says our education..let us wait and see.

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