Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seamless Connectivity

I'm not your average consumer of technology, I'm neither Mac, PC, Linux, or Tablet. I'm all of them. I love my HP PC, my MacBook Pro, and my Ubuntu Server. I love my Windows Phone, and my iPod Touch. I love my Xbox 360, and my Wii. I love my friends' iPads, and I cannot wait for my own Kindle Fire to arrive.

My only wish is to connect all my technology seamlessly.

My Xbox, Windows PC, and Windows Phone, all interconnect.
My iPod and MacBook Pro are seamlessly intergrated.

The only current interconnectivity is through Amazon: My Kindle, Kindle Fire, and Kindle Apps (on iPod, Windows Phone, and all laptops) are all interconnected. I can read my books anywhere.

I will offer a conjecture that the tech company that can seamlessly integrate across all screensizes, formats, and user experiences will thrive in the volatile technology market. Using Amazon's WhisperSync to connect all my reading material can only be the first step, I would like interconnect every instance of my Angry Birds, Microsoft Word, and my financial analysis apps. (finviz, BofA, Charles Schwab, etc.)

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  1. It is an interesting idea for sure. The question is--who will provide this? And once this is provided, how will value creation migrate to new frontiers? What will those frontiers be?


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