Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thoughts on Valuation Model discussed in class last week

I thought It was interesting to hear about the valuation framework discussed in class last week being presented to the CIO and the IT organization. It is interesting when you look at it as Demand side and supply side. I usually tend to view the systems as below. Also it gets interesting when you look at the alignment of Business Strategy and IT strategy in a triangular view. Whether the company wants to be customer focused (Invest in CRMs) or Operational Efficiency focused (Invest in ERP) or be a Differentiated player (Invest in R&D enablers). What are the capabilities that the company would really want to invest in. Many firms tend to focus on everything and end up doing nothing well.

Another challenge is how to synchronize the firm's capabilities with the capabilities with the external players like the BPOs and vendors ( or even customers if we are talking of B2B scenarios).


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