Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Education Sector

The education sector is experiencing rapid transformation, and digital media and technology play a large part in this evolution. Our team is focusing on the transition from K-12 school system to college:
  • What is the roles of public school in preparing students for college?
  • How does the changing U.S. economy and distribution of wealth affect education rates and types of college-level education that are offered?
  • How is educational content delivered to students?
  • How do students collaborate? How does crowd-sourcing affect education?
  • How is student performance measured?
  • What products enable content delivery and distribution?
  • What are the differences technologically between the high school classroom and the college classroom?  How is this transition managed?
Hythem Abdelaziz - Inc.
Uri Feld - U.S. Department of Education
Josh Hildebrand - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Tchad Rogers - University of Phoenix (Wholly owned by the Apollo Group; UoP represents 91% of consolidated revenues of APOL)
Jon Stone - Blackboard
Eric Whitney - Pearson PLC

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