Sunday, September 11, 2011

As You Envision Digital Future

Here's a video that is worth watching as you think about the digital future--which defines how we live, work and play.  Think and discuss the video with your fellow students to develop deeper strategic insights about digital strategies.

Feel free to comment to stimulate substantive conversations. Thanks.


  1. All of the Corning improvements and innovations are beautiful and quite breathtaking in their versatility. I'm going to set that beauty aside for a moment and put on my realist hat (AKA my downer hat). I'm left with one thought: what proportion of the world population ends up affected by these glass technologies?

    I know that the world of technology is getting twice as fast and cheaper due to Moore's law mixing with basic economics, but the "wow factor" of most of these innovations doesn't really get at basic human needs. This doesn't mean that I think Corning should abandon its quest to make glass better. It just means that many of these groundbreaking improvements leave me a bit cold.

  2. I agree. Not to mention, many of the innovations shown are content intensive. The dancing girls shown towards the end in the work space - is that technology or manpower to create that content... just for a splashy way to critique an outfit for inclusion in a product line or publication. Are we using technology to displace workers that then move over to unnecessary content creation?

  3. I have to agree with Vito in the sense that the innovations shown in the video are not only beautiful and breathtaking, but also, completely mind-blowing. It made me realize that everything is becoming digital, and we can't simply choose to ignore or escape this digital world.

    And in response to the comment about the proportion of the world's population actually affected, I believe it would be far more than we would estimate. And as far as the population that could and would take advantage, I think it's worth referencing the KPCB report about "Top Mobile Internet Trends." Although not quite the same as having the glass on your refrigerator door and kitchen counter top turned digital and connected, the 3G subscriptions Y/Y growth percentages in emerging markets, such as China and Brazil is astounding. As many of us already can't go for even a few hours without internet, email, or text, could this be a glimpse into the future?


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